About me,

My name is Truus Jansen and I was first introduced to Chinese Medicine as a primary school teacher.

As a teacher, my work in Special Educational Needs led me to observe Tui Na being used in treatments for autistic children, and it fascinated me. I always knew that sense of touch was healing and that we need a far more focused approach to healing with touch to treat stress, diseases and pain. But what Tui Na was achieving with children made me want to learn more.

Through research I came across Sarah Pritchard, who is the foremost Tui Na practitioner and teacher in Britain, Europe and dare I say, the wider Tui Na world. She is adamant that if you want to study with her, you need to be an acupuncturist or be in your second year of study.

So I enrolled to study acupuncture. The moment I inserted a needle into a client, fire cupped friends and learned about the Chinese medical system, it felt like pieces of puzzles in my life were slowly moving into place.

Now that I am working with patients and clients, and able to put a personalised treatment plan together, I am seeing the teachings of an ancient medical practice at work. I love studying Chinese Medicine and I learn so much that I bring much of what I know to every person who walks into my practice for treatment.

Working with people, from all different walks of life, teaches me daily that we all need a multitude of care and health choices that personally works for us.

I have started to also work with children and it is just lovely to see them grow in confidence. For example, making big steps in their potty training and improved general health and well-being.

My acupuncture practise in combination with Tui Na and Auricular (ear) acupuncture, and other holistic therapies such as Reiki will only enhance the benefits for all coming to see me at Tonify.Systems.

Truus Jansen