What people say / Recommendations

“My mother was referred for a series of acupuncture sessions following a stroke which affected her mobility. the sessions at Tonify.Systems have made  a massive difference to my mother’s quality of life, with muscle function and control very much improved.”
Mrs. Orlene Clarke and Marlon

“I don’t know what you did in yesterday’s session Truus, but the hip pain I had early on in my dancing career is today gone! So besides sorting out my periods, for which I came to you, you have made me a much better and pain-free dancer.”
Professional classical ballet dancer

“My 8 year old daughter is now sleeping through the night, has no anger outbursts and is not using her asthma pump anymore! Truus clearly is very experienced working with children and I wish we would’ve come for treatment sooner, but so happy now that we do.”

“What can I say, yesterday I couldn’t walk without spasm and my leg buckling, today i am fine and able to walk as normal again.”

“Hey Truus, magic hands. Many things have happened since you treated me last time. I have a new boyfriend, love heals the soul. I moved back to my old neighbourhood and right now I am studying computer engineering. Life is beautiful again, more relaxed and stress-free. thanks to you, I am myself again, wise angel.”